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David Daley Activist & Author of Ratf**ked

The Supreme Court's Shameless Endorsement of Gerrymandering

Sam Friedman London School of Economics

Why It Pays to Be Privileged

Bruce Link UC-Riverside

Diversions: When Inequalities Research Becomes Complicit in the Reproduction of Health Inequities

Bruce McEwen Rockefeller University and 
Craig McEwen Bowdoin College

Inequality and Early Childhood Adversity: Toxic Stress and Its
Epigenetic Effects

Samuel Moyn Yale University

Human Rights Are Not Enough

Jason DeParle New York Times / Author of A Good Provider Is One Who Leaves

Leaving Leveriza: Migration and Its Impact on Global Poverty

Kimberly Noble NEED Lab, Teachers College, Columbia University

What Inequality Does to the Brain

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